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Last weekend was all about adventure! After a quick trip up to Ireland, my husband and I were in the spontaneous mood to rent a car and drive south of London to cruise the British coastline. Lately we have been trying to take advantage of our location by traveling throughout more of England before our time here is up. We love to find scenic and relaxing beaches and we had heard really great things about the beach-friendly town of Bournemouth, UK.

B'mouth 1-1The drive from London to Bournemouth (pronounced Bourne”Mith”) is just a little over two hours which makes it the perfect destination for a quick English getaway. We made it to our hotel in no time and spent the evening enjoying a walk along beautiful Bournemouth Beach. Since we are in the fall season, the beach was relatively quiet and not as busy as I would imagine it would be during the summer months. Although a little a chilly this time of year, we still enjoyed strolling through the sand and exploring the seaside pier. The beach in Bournemouth almost reminded me of being at home in Santa Cruz, California with all of the different boardwalk attractions and Victorian-era architecture. There are endless amounts of activities to do here and it is easy to see why Bournemouth Beach has become a favorite spot for both locals and tourists alike.

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Our overnight stay in Bournemouth was a really pleasant one, but it was just the first stop on our little Southern England adventure. The next visit on our road trip was to see the picturesque limestone arch known as Durdle Door. Durdle door is a natural landmark located along the Jurassic Coast (sadly, no dinosaurs) that has become a popular scenic stop along the coastline. We took a super pretty drive through the country down a remote road to an area known as Dorset. It’s just an easy 30 minutes from Bournemouth, and upon arrival we parked at the top of a mountainside with trails leading to Durdle Door. As we hiked down the hill (be sure to wear good shoes) we were completely struck with amazement in every direction. We viewed the most stunning landscape with huge white cliffs and a baby blue ocean. Durdle Door was even more magnificent than seen in pictures, and we could not believe that a place like this even existed in England! The sheer beauty of this natural coast left us speechless and we gladly spent the afternoon soaking in every second of it.

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B'mouth 15-1Most of our day was spent sitting on the beach while admiring Durdle Door (can you blame us?) but we still had one last major pit stop on our road trip. The last place we wanted to visit were the abandoned ruins of Corfe Castle. One thing we have learned about Europe is that no two castles are the same, and every castle offers something unique and different from the other. We quite enjoy going “castle hunting” these days, and take almost every chance we can get to see one! Corfe Castle is located just a little bit north of the Jurassic Coast which was perfect for us to check out on our way back to London. The ruins are found on top of a huge hill overlooking the most adorable little English village of Corfe. The fun part about this castle was that we were able to climb on the ruins and explore inside the arches. We kind of felt like kids on a play ground, and we sure had a blast with our time spent here… the views weren’t too shabby either.

   B'mouth 19-1   B'mouth 22-1

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B'mouth 20-1

B'mouth 24-1 We were convinced that this train was the Hogwarts Express

B'mouth 25-1

    B'mouth 26-1  B'mouth 23-1

B'mouth 27-1Sorry, lots of pictures I know. Our travels to Southern England left me feeling so inspired by the coast and countryside that I found myself to be a little snap happy on this post. We truly did feel like we had an epic road trip adventure to Bournemouth, and we may even try to rent another car for this weekend because we loved exploring England so much!

                                     The Savvy Suitcase Top 3 Picks:

                       1. Durdle Door. Even better in person.

                       2. Corfe Castle. Hike through the ruins.

                       3. Bournemouth Beach. Lots of fun going on.

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*We will visit around England some more and then travel to Eastern Europe!